When we look back, we can count with pride so many stalwarts who have passed through this institution and spread their wings to soar to all corners of the globe: teachers, technocrats, managers, industry leaders, authors, film-makers, journalists, musicians and even spiritual leaders, many of whom, have excelled in their respective fields, with awards galore. I have the honor of being the President of the Alumni Association and hence, the privilege of communicating and interacting with lots of alumni. I am very often overwhelmed by the deep genuine sentiments expressed by the alumni, both in terms of the debt they owe to the college and in terms of what they want to give back in gratitude. I am grateful that a baseline engagement has been possible with the alumni of all batches. The Alumni Association at NIT Kurukshetra has seen an exponential growth in terms of bridging the gap between our alumni and the institute and has initiated many activities in the past 5 years. The activities include but are not limited to alumni workshops,honoring of Golden Jubilee and Silver Jubilee batches; distinguished alumni awards to the high achievers; distribution of scholarship to the needy; Convocation lunches, family-get togethers, Alumni Talks, organization of global alumni meets etc. We have many characteristics behind us, but we are only as string as our individual involvement in the ideal of a world–class institute and alumni body. Throw us your toughest challenges, share with us your innate desires for the institute and let’s join hands to striveand achieve. Be it a long-lost Alumnus who aspires to visit the institute after a quarter century or a nascent adult wandering the corridors; if we can be of service, the joy is pure and child-like. There is boldness in this statement, but only because we live in bold times; merely running the race was a poor idea in our day and age, but today, it is lethal to thevery existence of any individual, society or organization. To set the standards globally, wemust challenge ourselves internally. I am highly confident that this website will be step forward to strengthen the communicationbetween our alumni and institute. On behalf of the Alumni Association, I look forward to connecting with every one of you via this website.

Jai Hind

Pankaj Chandna
Batch | 1984-89
President, NIT Kurukshetra Alumni Association