Delhi & NCR chapter has been active since 2011 and have made considerable progress in making it a robust organization.

“NITK (RECK) Alumni, Delhi & NCR Chapter” is an all India level society for alumni of NIT (erstwhile known as REC), Kurukshetra, duly registered under the societies act XXI of 1860 at Delhi. The primary aim of the society is to foster alumni bonding across the batches. It is the first recognized Regional Chapter of our esteemed Institute’s Alumni Association (NITK AA).

The society has been able to initiate different kinds of activities with different formats, schedules and points of interests so as to provide a platform for people with varied inclinations and pursuits. The society has decided to be present both in the physical and digital media. A facebook group “REC (NIT) Alumni, Kurukshetra” which was launched on 12th Oct 2011, has a vibrant presence with more than 4600 alumni connected across the world. The Delhi & NCR chapter has a website of its own and has a Twitter account.

Coffee Chats (including a Beer Brunch) are organized all across Delhi and NCR to facilitate relatively small and informal interactions of the alumni living in the nearby areas. Two activity trips, longer and out of Delhi, have been organised – one, to the bird sanctuary at Bharatpur and another, a river rafting trip to Rishikesh – for fun and to have more meaningful time together. There have been Batch Nodal Meets and Get Togethers to bridge the gap across batches. The society has initiated a Residential Project for the Alumni and are nearing its conclusive end.

Members of our Alumni are successful professionals in diverse fields. To disseminate this considerable wealth of specialized experience and knowledge among the Alumni, which will assist us in our professions and other sphere of life, DNC have also arranged Alumni Talks and Seminars on a wide-ranging topics in fields as varied as engineering, life skills, international relations and more. Delhi & NCR Chapter has had a successful stint in terms of achievement of its goals and objectives. Some of the achievements of Delhi & NCR Chapter during the period can be seen in the EVENTS section on this website.

As some of the firsts Delhi & NCR Chapter organized the first ever Global Alumni Meet in December 2013 of our institute now christened as GAME and distributed the first ever Distinguished Awards during the second GAME in December 2015.

Society’s Head Office is located at:
New Delhi Institute of Management
50 (B&C), Tughlakabad Institutional Area,
MB Road, New Delhi-110062