1. The Alumni Centre project plan was initialized, which needs to be fine-tuned for taking up the matter for approval of the Board of Directors;
  2. Alumni Talk 06 was successfully organized at NIT Kurukshetra on 01-10-2016 on the theme “Entrepreneurship and Start-Ups”. Six Alumni Guest Speakers participated in the Talks – Er Atul Lal (1973-78), Er Anil Chhikara (1983-88), Er Sanjeev Bindlish (1989-93), Er Shouvik Roy (1991-95), Er Kantanu Kundu (1994-98) and Er Aditi Bansal (2006-10), which saw a student attendance of over 250;
  3. 1987-91 batch (Silver Jubilee of exit batch) Get Together, a two day event was successfully conducted on 5/6 Nov 2016 at NIT Kurukshetra, which saw a participation of over 120 alumni from the batch. The batch donated Rs. 3,000/- towards their contribution to the association;
  4. Instituting of Khemka Award for best Innovation Project from B. Tech students;
  5. The Non-Teaching Employee Welfare Policy was finalized on 12-11-2016 with a budget provisioning of Rs. 20,000/- in the Financial Year 2016-17;
  6. Students Alumni Body was formulated and three committees of at least 5 students were constituted to support NITKAA in the areas of a) Website development & maintenance; b) Alumni Talks; and c) Annual Alumni Newsletter;
  7. The NITKAA Society got registered with Registrar of Societies, Haryana vide registration number 06-004-2016-01269 on 17.11.2016;
  8. Taking over of ROOH – EK MUHEEM, a social and cultural society incorporated in the year 2011 and working to provide a better life to underprivileged children, to expand the horizon of NIT KKR AA to society at large.
  9. Financial Aid covering 50% of the tuition fee and hostel fee are being provided to the needy and deserving students;
  10. Framed the Guidelines for Seed Funding of Incubates (entrepreneurs and start-ups) to encourage entrepreneurship and start-ups culture amongst the students/ alumni of the institute. This would also help in evaluation of the innovative projects of the students/ alumni in the long run. By this way, NIT KKR AA shall be able to: a) facilitate incubates/ students/ alumni and mentors/ faculty to carry out necessary market research and viability assessment of the projects; b) Provide seed funding to the identified Incubates for the initial development phase; c) Take up equity in the new start-ups to provide confidence to incubates, if required, directly or through other entities as may be permitted under the law; and d) Students would be encouraged to take up hands on live projects that add to their practical learning.
  11. Alumni Website www.alumni.nitkkr.ac.in was launched on 03-12-2016. The shortcomings of the same has been removed in this website with additional feature of Mentorship through KarmaCircles Platform;
  12. 1966-71 batch (Golden Jubilee of entry batch) Get Together, a two day event was successfully held on 3/4 Dec 2016 at NIT Kurukshetra, which saw a participation of over 102 families from the batch;
  13. The Association was allotted Alumni Office at NIT KKR;
  14. Alumni Talks 07 at NIT Kurukshetra was held on 8th Apr 2017 on the theme “Skill Development”.
  15. The period saw enhanced alumni participation into institute academic affairs including curriculum development and supporting the departments and schools of the institute;
  16. North-East Zone Meet of PAN NIT Alumni Forum was successfully held at NIT Shillong (Meghalaya) on 22-10-2016, in which emphasis was laid on increasing the memberships and involvement of mentors. Till now, out of 31 NITs, 10 NITs have subscribed to the Forum. Others are in progress;
  17. South Zone Meet of PAN NIT Alumni Forum at NIT Surathkal on 18-02-2017 and Governing Body Meet at NIT Surathkal on 19-02-2017